AP Enterprises - The owners of the group are foreign companies that have activity in various areas, as cable TV, mobile telephone operators, real estate and financing activities. In Hungary, among others, APE's subsidiaries companies acquired in March 2000. for app. 4 billion Ft.
The company "Autóker Holding Rt.", bought from APV Rt. a subsidiary of Ápisz Rt. - Ápisz Kft. for app. 360 million Ft etc. The APE and other investors owns app. 70.000 sqm of warehouses and offices in Budapest and surrounding. The group plans to develop - except the "Cézár Ház" project - in the near future few more residential developments and build a modern 7000 sqm new logistic centre in Ecseri street.


Mérték Stúdió Pty. Ltd. was founded in 1987 and most of the company's activities involve realising general design work. The main sphere of activities includes designing apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, and branches of banks and commercial and consumer centres.
The company received ISO 9002 quality standardisation in 1998.