1. Environs of the Cezar House:

1.1 Locations:
The Building block is located in the Újlipótváros area in the 13th District of Budapest and is limited by Hegedus Gyula utca - Bessenyei utca - Visegrádi utca - Tutaj utca.

1.2 Public Transport facilities:
The area is located between the Váci út and the Újpest rakpart has a direct connection with the Downtown

1.3 Supply:
Commercial supply of the Szent István körút, Nyugati tér and Váci út are exceptional. All basic and special services are within walking distance or a few stops away.

2. General discription of the Building:

2.1 Data on coverage:
The plot of about 6500 m2 will possess common basement and Ground Floor. Above the Ground Floor 5 nos buildings with 9 levels can be found.

2.2 Functions:

  • In the Basement there will be car parks and stores. General lighting: erected on the Ceiling with tube fixtures protected against water
  • In the garage entry system with magnetic card & gate will be installed. Cameras for the alarm system, airing, CO register, automatic fire alarm will provide higher safety for the ones arriving by car.
  • Elevators and staircases go down until the -1 level.
  • On the Ground Floor Shops and other useful Commercial services will be functioning.
  • In the area surrounded by the 5 buildings there will be a decorative garden with fountain and automatic irrigation system.

2.3 Mechanical supply:

  • The Building will have central heating and hot water system. For each flat a separated meter (cold and hot water, heating, electricity, gas) to be installed. Temperature of the flats can also be regulated separately.
  • Bathrooms, Toilets, Kitchens to get central Exhaust system.

3. Planned in house services:

  • 24 hour gate - reception service, security and technical control. It is for the receptionist to let in the visitors to the garage, stairways, to look after the cameras, the fire alarm centre, the alarm system and turn on/off the lighting in the public areas.
  • In the environs of the gates - in the garage as well - a camera system will be installed in order that the receptionist could check the visitors. The pictures of the cameras will be recorded on video tape if necessary.
  • In the Shops and Flats electronical alarm system can be executed.
  • The Garage, Shops and public areas will be protected with smoke detectors against fire.
  • Decorative garden on the 1st floor in common use.

4. Technical specification of Apartments:

Floor finishes:
  • Abrasion resistant, laminated parquette in the rooms
  • Hungarian ceramic tiles in the Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Frost resistant granolith tiles in the Balconies and Exterior Public Areas
Wall finishes:
  • White, matt, glazed ceramic tile In Bathrooms goes up to 2,20 m In the Kitchen between the lower and upper cupboards
Surface finish:
  • White disperse paint in all rooms
Inner doors:
  • Pre-painted boards with wooden door frames, copper handles and door track for thresholds
Entrance door to Apartment:
  • Wood structure reinforced with Steel, central multi point safety lock
External openings:
  • Product with insulated glass, with powder coated fittings, laminated inner cills, stone or ceramic external cills.
  • Fixed glass walls with openings for enclosing the Balconies.
  • Hand rails for Balconies: individually designed steel structures.
Water blocks:
  • Porcelain sanitary in the water blocks, white coloured, chrome mixers. Wash basin to be erected in the separated Toilets. Laminated Vanity Top to be installed in the Bathroom with wall - to - wall performance. Under the wash basin a connection point to be executed for the washing machine. To avoid leaking drainage and floor insulation to be carried out.
Heating equipment and hot water:
  • Central heating with energy meter for each flat. Heating panel to be Hungarian product: white coloured steel radiators. Copper conduits to be sunk in the floor. A controller with thermostat to be installed in the rooms.
Electrical supply:
  • The electricity input of 5,5 kW will be provided per flat.. There is a possibility of increasing the capacity up to 11 kW. Satisfying the demand on a bigger electrical capacity should be paid by the Purchaser.
  • Electrical cabling, copper pipes with conduits, fittings are Hungarian products with glazed white colour.
  • Sockets:
    Kitchen 5 pcs
    Bathroom 2 pcs
    Living room 5 pcs
    Bedroom 3 pcs
    Lobby 1 pcs
    Gardrobe 1 pcs.
  • Fitting and bulb to be installed in every room for temporary lighting. They will be installed in the middle of the living rooms and Kitchen and as a wall bracket in other rooms.
Low Voltage systems:
  • Conduits for the safety technical network.
  • TV aerial network that can be connected to the cable TV system is available (without connection to the cable TV, fittings and subscription). There is a contact antenna for the radio and TV stations. Two sockets per flat is provided.
  • Conduit applicable for telephone, two sockets per flat without connections and subscription.
  • Entry phone system. From the gate of every stairway the reception and the apartments can be called up and the doors can be opened.
Gas supply upon special request:
  • There is no gas supply installed for the flats. The gas meter - if required - is placed in the mechanical room on each floors of rooms.
Kitchen furniture:
  • Basic fixed furniture from the selected laminated elements with one basin stainless sink, electrically operated three hot plates and oven, cooker hood, prepared places & connections for built in dishwasher and fridge.

5. Options

Upon request there is a possibility for the Purchasers to submit modifications regarding their own apartment if the changes
  • Do not effect the outside appearance of the Building,
  • Do not implement a lower quality standard in connection with the technical parameters and appearance of the apartments or the shared spaces,
  • Will not be a disadvantage for the next Owner of the Apartment nor for a third party,
  • Will not have an effect on the time schedule of the Project or the relevant contracts and/or agreements and/or effective laws.

5.1 Selection from the given collection:

The Purchaser can select freely from the given collection. The elements of the collection are at the same rate - no supplementary payment is required.

The following items can be chosen from the given collection:
  • Material of the finishes, skirtings and tiling from sample collection.
  • Material of the parquette from sample collection.
  • Colour of the inner doors from sample collection.
  • Different appearance of sockets from sample collection.
  • Different appearance of antenna and telephone plugs from sample collection.
  • Different appearance of the Kitchen built in furniture.

5.2 Available upon request

The Purchaser can order equipments and materials from the given collection which vary from the basic execution in quantity and quality. The Purchaser can order extras from the offered variety. Supplementary cost to be charged to the Purchaser.

Items can be ordered separately:
  • A/C equipment
  • Alarm and fire alarm system
  • Bigger electrical capacity than the input (5,5 kW)
  • Different quantity of the electrical sockets
  • Different quantity of the antenna & telephone sockets
  • Different quantity of the built in furniture in the Kitchen
  • Gas cooker instead of electrical only for kitchens with natural airing
  • Installation of Rolling shutter with the roller shutter casing (exclusively a uniform type, produced and maintained by the same manufacturer, mechanically operated type is approved)
  • Blinds for the flats in the 8th and 9th floor (exlusively a uniform type, produced and maintained by the same manufacturer, wind sense, motor driven operated type is approved)
  • Jacuzzi
  • Hydro massage
  • Gas supply / cooker

All demand concerning the possible modifications to be submitted to the Client. The Client to obtain the relevant approvals and opinions of the Design team and the Project Management and then make a statement on the changes.